New HIV Self Testing Kits »

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World Aids Day »

Why do we celebrate World AIDS Day?

On the 1st of December each year we raise awareness of World AIDS Day.  Around 90,000 people are living with HIV in the UK today, 96% of those diagnosed are now accessing treatment and 97% have viral suppression. Around 12% of people in the UK living with HIV don’t know they have it – making regular testing very important. HIV continues to disproportionately affect men who …

‘Always Hear’ – Scotland Wide HIV Awareness Campaign »

… to understand is through listening to people who live with it every day.

Launched on World AIDS Day (Saturday 1 st December) is ‘ Always Hear’ Waverley Care’s new HIV awareness campaign. The campaign gives a voice to people living with HIV in Scotland using four films to capture the experiences of four people who are HIV positive. They are true stories, told by the people themselves.

Supporting the films are HIV information sheets covering HIV Basics, HIV Statistics, HIV …

Cervical Cancer »

… risk. Smoking doubles the risk of developing cervical cancer. hiv infection, the development of aids and previous infection with genital warts can also increase the risk.

Preventative action

The early signs of cervical cancer can be detected with a cervical smear test, and the cancer can then be completely eliminated. The most important thing to do is to speak with your doctor about the necessity of arranging regular cervical smear testing, and ALWAYS keep your appointments. …

Safer Sexual Health »

… call 0300 303 0251 (Line open Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.)

Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis Centre (LHAHC), Monklands Hospital -call 01236 712247 (24 hour service – calls answered or taken by answerphone)

Useful Helplines

National Sexual Health Line :  0800 567 123

LGBT Helpline Scotland : 0300 123 2523 (Line open Tuesday and Wednesday 12 noon to 9 pm) or go to

Terrence Higgins Trust : 0808 802 1221 (Line open …

The Folder »

… It is for people who have been diagnosed HIV positive and who are attending the Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis Centre (LHAHC).

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World Aids Day 2010 »

Wednesday 1st December 2010 is World AIDS Day – show your support, wear a red ribbon

The theme for World AIDS Day this year is " HIV – Act Aware" – the hope for this year is to encourage all of us to commit to actions that will help improve understanding about HIV, prevent transmission of HIV and stop HIV prejudice. 

The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has recorded a message in respect of …

Black & Minority Ethnic sites »

… different languages

UK sites

NAM have information for people living with HIV available in a number of different languages including: Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

The Terence Higgins Trust have launched Mambo online, a website dedicated to raising awareness of HIV and …

HIV & Hepatitis Clinics »

… HIV treatment clinic in Lanarkshire takes place on a Tuesday afternoon at the Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS & Hepatitis Service (LHAHS), Monklands Hospital.

The clinic is provided by specialist doctors and nurses who are trained in HIV management. For HIV testing, appointments can generally be more flexible. The secretaries will try to give you an appointment time that suits you.

Once someone is tested and diagnosed positive with Hepatitis B, C or HIV  they will be referred to the …

Vaccination and Treatment »

… treatment for hepatitis B infection is usually co-ordinated through Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS & Hepatitis Service (LHAHS) or the Hepatology Service at Hairmyres Hospital.

Co-infection of viral hepatitis with HIV

When referring to people with HIV and chronic viral hepatitis, it is common to use the term “co-infection”.


Once someone has is tested and diagnosed positive with Hepatitis B they will be referred to the specialist treatment services to be …

Women’s Issues »

… Gynaecological problems are the most commonly reported conditions for women living with HIV or AIDS. Many of the problems women with HIV experience also affect HIV negative women.

However, these conditions usually occur more frequently and are more serious and more difficult to treat in women with damaged immune systems.

Cervical pre-cancers are changes to cells in the cervix, which, if left untreated, would become cancerous. Cervical cancer is a preventable condition and …

The HIV Test »

… result is positive or negative.

You can arrange an HIV antibody test at the Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis centre or at any Genitourinary Medicine clinic.  Your GP can usually also arrange for an HIV test.  These tests are completely free and confidential.

When you take the test, a nurse will take a small sample of your blood which is then sent to the laboratory for testing. You may also be asked if you want a full sexually transmitted infection screen.  It is up to you …

If the Test is Negative »

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For more information you could contact the

Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS & Hepatitis Centre

t: 01236 712247 / 712246

Anus and Rectum »

… infections which are outlined in detail elsewhere on this site under the headings of HIV - AIDS - Hepatitis and Infections. It is useful to make yourself aware of the dangers involved upon becoming infected, and take the precautions outlined in the Safer Sex section of the site. It is safer to use a condom for penetrative anal sex, one that is designed to be strong enough for this activity like Durex Ultra Strong, Mates Super Strong or HT Specials. These work better with a …

Hearing Impairment »

… including:

General sexual health.

Pregnancy and Contraception.


Sexuality and relationships.

Safer sex for men and women.

It is hoped that the range and availability of resources for deaf people, particularly utilising information technology and the internet, will soon be increased. Also BDA is continuing a campaign to have British Sign Language more widely recognized and incorporated into standard communications.

For more …