Vaccination and Treatment »

Not everyone will need vaccination. Some people have antibodies from a previous infection that they did not know about. This can be checked by a blood test.

Hepatitis B vaccine

To have full protection from hepatitis B you need three or four  separate doses of the vaccine. A nurse will probably give you the injection into a muscle in your arm. The first injection is usually followed by one a month later and another at six months. …

If the Test is Negative »

HIV antibodies can take up to three months to develop.

If you have been at risk recently, you will need to have another test in a few months to make sure you have not developed antibodies since you had the first test. Click one of the links below for more information.

For more information you could contact the

Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS & Hepatitis Centre

t: 01236 712247 / 712246

If the Test is Positive »

If the test is positive it means that the antibodies to HIV have been found in your blood and you are infected with HIV. Every positive result is then sent to a special lab for a double check of the result. 

A second blood sample will also be sent just to be absolutely sure. People infected with HIV are said to be HIV positive.

Telling people I’m HIV positive.

If someone is HIV positive, that information is personal to …