Viral Load »

… the point at which you become ill. The viral load tells you how fast the car is speeding and the cd4 count shows how many miles of road are left before the accident.

Continuous monitoring of viral load levels along with other indicators help you to decide whether to start anti-HIV treatment. If the treatment is successful, your viral load levels will fall. The goal of anti-HIV therapy is to reduce viral load levels so that they are undetectable. Even if your viral load does become …

Combination Therapy »

… treatment.  The decision to start treatment is based on a number of factors including your CD4 count, your HIV Viral load and whether or not you have had any health problems so far that can be attributed to HIV infection.

Your HIV specialist will take all of the above into account, as well as how fast your CD4 count is falling, when recommending whether or not HIV therapy is appropriate.   Your own views on whether or not you feel ready to start HIV treatment are obviously also …

CD4 Counts »

What are CD4 Counts ?

CD4 cells are white blood cells, which organise your body’s response to invading micro-organisms. (T-cells is a phrase you might also hear, but this really means the same thing.) They form the basis of the body’s defence mechanism.

The CD4 count is a measure of the health of your body’s immune system. Usually, an adult’s CD4 count is anywhere between 500 and …