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… be transmitted. Syphilis can be passed on through oral, vaginal and anal sex. Using a condom or dental dam will reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Syphilis sores are very infectious and can sometimes be on areas not covered by the condoms, or be hidden in the vagina, rectum or mouth, so take care. It is important to attend for regular sexual health checks so that infections can be picked up and treated early.

How common is Syphilis?

Until recently, …

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… this then you could use a condom without any lubricant on it, or a vaginal barrier such as a dental dam. Hepatitis B can be contracted if you swallow faeces (poo) from someone with the virus. Therefore, if you rim someone (lick around their anus) or lick a finger that has been inside their rectum, then there is a chance you could contract hepatitis B.

Sex toys, such as dildos or vibrators, could also transmit hepatitis B if they are then inserted into someone else without being …