Menopause »

… (dysuria) and some degree of urinary Incontinence .

General aches, fatigue, forgetfulness, Depression , Insomnia, irritability and Anxiety are symptoms which have also been reported in association with the menopause. In the longer term, the reduction in oestrogen production removes the protection which women enjoyed against the development of heart disease. By the age of 65, they are reported to be on a par with men with regard to risk. Reduced oestrogen production can also lead …

Trauma »

… of self-blame and/or survivor guilt


diminished interest in everyday activities or depression

unpleasant past memories resurfacing

loss of a sense of order or fairness in the world; expectation of doom and fear of the future

These are all perfectly normal responses to abnormal events and do not mean you are going mad. Many people feel better simply with the support of family or friends. If you don’t want to speak to someone you know, you may feel better if you seek …

Can’t Get / Keep an Erection »

… a similar outcome.  The medications provided for the treatment of a variety of illnesses eg depression and high blood pressure can result in some degree of erectile dysfunction. 



Diabetes, hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism are amongst the endocrine disorders which can cause erectile dysfunction.  Diabetes is the most common condition in this category and it damages both nerves and blood vessels over time.  35% of all men with diabetes, and 60% of those …

Premature Ejaculation »

… ejaculation. Therefore, sometimes  certain antidepressant medication can be prescribed not for depression but for premature ejaculation. If this was being considered as a treatment, it could only be prescribed by your doctor, and only after very careful thought about the advantages and disadvantages.

For more detailed information on the above, check the web site of the Impotence Association at

Internal Ejaculation »

… , diabetes, spinal injury, neurological disease or various drugs used in the treatment of depression or high blood pressure. It affects 5% to 15% of young people who undergo bladder neck surgery. A condition known as reversible retrograde ejaculation occurs in 5% of men taking drugs known as alpha-blockers which are drugs used to reduce bladder pressure.

How can internal/retrograde ejaculation be treated?

Reversible retrograde ejaculation may be resolved by the use of prescribed …

What is Hepatitis C? »

… Some however feel tired and out of sorts with a general feeling of ill health, lack of energy and depression. There does not seem to be a link between these symptoms and a progression to liver disease. Most cases of hepatitis C now occur in people who use contaminated needles or injection equipment for drug use. It is particularly easy for people who share contaminated works to contract hepatitis C. In some cases the physicians really do not know how the transmission occurs. It is difficult …

Andropause »

… by some women undergoing Menopause and include fatigue, loss of Libido, sexual difficulties, Depression, irritability, aches and pains, sweating and flushing. Predisposing factors such as a history of Vasectomy or Mumps have been suggested as possibly leading to an early testosterone deficiency.

Andropause should not be confused with what has been called the ‘male mid-life crisis’ which can occur around 40 years old. This is essentially an emotional reaction to a re-evaluation …

Female Genital Mutilation »

… likely to include major psychological damage, which may manifest itself in sexual dysfunction, depression and behavioural disturbances.

In the United Kingdom, in immigrant communities from the countries where this is a common practice, it is estimated that as many as 3,000 to 4,000 new cases of mutilation of varying degrees may take place annually. Dispersal of asylum seekers throughout the country may increase the likelihood of mutilation becoming a local health issue which has to be …

Domestic Abuse »

… that way.


Living with the situation can cause long term health problems, such as anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, stomach problems or sexual health problems.  You might have injuries such as broken bones, broken teeth, bruises, cuts, etc.  You might become pregnant when you don’t want to.  You might start drinking, or drink more, or use drugs to ‘escape’ or numb the pain.  These can all potentially cause problems for you in the long run.

Who does it happen to? …

Rape and Sexual Assault »

… that is fine); some people might release all their anger by writing down their feelings.

Depression and Grief

These too are common and natural feelings to have after an experience of abuse. Again let yourself have these feelings and get support to help you through.

Going through and allowing these responses should mean you begin to feel more in control, and regain your own strength and self.

Some people feel it helps to talk to someone else who has been through a similar …