Hepatitis A Information »

… to inflammation of the liver and can cause mild to severe illness.

The symptoms are generally a flu -like illness, loss of appetite, nausea, fever, abdominal pains or jaundice (a yellowing of the eyes or skin). The infection will clear with time and there are no long-term effects.

The infection can be caused by hand to mouth contact of something that has been contaminated by the stools (poo) of someone with hepatitis A. This could be food or water or by putting the hands in the mouth. …

Safer Sex »

… fabrics. Basically anything that you and your partner want to do that doesn’t involve sexual fluids coming into contact with your partner’s sexual parts is safer. You do need to make sure you talk about it and check that it’s what you both want to do and feel ready for. You must also both be over 16. Other than that, your imagination is the limit!

If you have had unprotected Penetrative sex or your method of Contraception has failed or you have missed a Period, you may be …

Menopause »

… may occur – alternating between heavy Discharge on one occasion and light on another.

Hot flushes may be experienced lasting from seconds to minutes. They may be felt as a minor annoyance or may be severe enough to interfere with normal activity.

With the reduction in the oestrogen being produced, thinning of the tissues of the Vaginal wall may result, as well as decreased lubrication. Vaginal dryness may be accompanied by irritation and itching. Pain may be experienced during …

Trauma »

… and pains like headaches, backaches, stomach aches

sudden sweating and/or heart palpitations (fluttering)

changes in sleep patterns, appetite, interest in sex

constipation or diarrhoea

easily startled by noises or unexpected touch

more susceptible to colds and illnesses

increased use of alcohol or drugs

overeating or undereating

Emotional Reactions

shock and disbelief

fear and/or anxiety

grief, disorientation, denial

hyper-alertness or hypervigilance …

Safer Sexual Health »

… your condom once used, wrap it in a tissue and put it into a bin.  It’s not a good idea to flush it down the toilet.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had sex without using contraception or if your usual contraceptive method has let you down e.g. condom has burst or come off, there are 2 methods of emergency contraception available.

Emergency Pill (Levonelle 1500)

One tablet works up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.  It is more effective the sooner it is taken.  …


… sex.

Men may get any of the following symptoms

Pain when passing urine

A discharge or fluid from the end of the penis. This is often clear or whitish but can also be grey or yellow

Pain or swelling in the testicles.


Symptoms may develop within a few weeks of getting the infection but many people who have chlamydia or NSU have no symptoms.

What should I do?

If you or your partner are concerned that you may have an infection you should see a doctor. You can go …

Going on Holiday? »

… left untreated.

HIV Infection – The major routes of infection are through blood, sexual fluids and from mother to child.  Globally, sexual intercourse accounts for about three-quarters of all new HIV infections.  Transmission between men and women is now the most common route of HIV infection.  Condoms are the best protection against HIV – get them before you travel.  Think of the risks – there are very few countries in the world that are free from HIV infection.  You …

Herpes »

… scab over and then heal after a week or two. Also, some people have swollen lymph glands and flu -like symptoms.  But many people with herpes have no symptoms and don’t know they are infected.

How can you test for herpes?

You can only be tested for the herpes virus when there is a visible “sore” present as a special swab needs to be taken at that time.

How is herpes treated?

Bathe the affected area in salty water or a solution of bicarbonate of soda (also lying in such …

Body Image »

The society we live in today is heavily influenced by the idea of an ‘ideal’ body image. The media, fashion magazines, celebrities, popular music and films all surround us with examples of ‘beautiful people’ and images that are unrealistic and unattainable for most of us. These images teach us to be conscious of our body size, shape, weight and physical attributes. There is a great deal of pressure particularly on young people to …

What’s that smell? »

… chemicals are contained in the natural substances the body releases, like sweat, Vaginal fluid or Semen . Thus most smells are not associated with any Infections .

If someone’s personal hygiene is not taken care of, then these substances build up, and the smells get stronger. Washing daily, and giving particular care to areas where substances could build up (for example under the foreskin of an uncircumcised man or boy, or the Vaginal area of a woman or girl) will mean …

Cystitis »

… do? There are things you can do at the first signs of an attack that can help:

Drink lots of fluid to flush out the germs – a pint an hour for 3-4 hours, and smaller amounts afterwards. Stick to bland fluids like water, weak fruit squash or lemon barley water. Avoid orange juice, strong caffeine or fizzy drinks.

Special remedies to make passing urine less uncomfortable are available from the chemist.

Go to the toilet whenever you feel like it rather than ‘hold on’.

Holding …

Drugs and HIV »

… unless it is an emergency and you have no choice but to use old equipment.

This is what to do:- Flush out the syringe with clean, cold water. Do this three times. Draw a weak solution of bleach through the needle into the syringe. Leave some air in it and shake it for at least 30 seconds. Squirt the liquid down the drain or toilet. Do this twice. Flush out the syringe and needle again with fresh cold water. Do this at least five times.

Needle stick injuries

If you find a needle and …

Andropause »

… loss of Libido, sexual difficulties, Depression, irritability, aches and pains, sweating and flushing. Predisposing factors such as a history of Vasectomy or Mumps have been suggested as possibly leading to an early testosterone deficiency.

Andropause should not be confused with what has been called the ‘male mid-life crisis’ which can occur around 40 years old. This is essentially an emotional reaction to a re-evaluation of personal circumstances which might have social and …

Lumps, Swelling or Pain »

… require an operation to prevent this happening.


A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle. The swelling that is caused by the fluid may be due to infection or an injury. It can also happen in older men for reasons we don’t know.


This is a small lump or cyst, which contains sperm. They usually happen above or behind the testicle and don’t need any treatment unless it becomes painful.


A varicocele is where the veins …

Testicular Damage (Torsion) »

… any swelling, you should get this checked out by the doctor. In some cases, the blow can result in fluid building up around the testicle ( hydrocele ), or the testicle twisting ( torsion ).

Torsion usually affects younger boys and requires emergency treatment to help with pain relief and save the testicle. The twisting of the blood vessels, which supply the testicle, causes the pain and this pain develops very quickly. If not treated within six hours the testicle may have to be removed.

Female Genital Mutilation »

… of the urinary tract and pelvis may be recurrent due to the difficulties expelling body fluids. Sexual activity may be limited and difficult even in culturally approved situations due to the extent of mutilation and the scarring which occurs. Mutilation doubles the risk of maternal death during childbirth, and quadruples the chance of the child being stillborn.

The trauma both in the short and long term is highly likely to include major psychological damage, which may manifest …

Female Self-Examination »

… usual

Blood or discharge from the nipple (some women can always produce a little clear or milky fluid which is normal for them)

Any changes in sensation – particularly if it is new and one-sided

Rash around the nipple

Anything different from normal and not felt in the other breast

You should check your breasts by both looking and feeling.


Look at your breasts carefully from every angle. In front of a mirror, stand with your arms by your sides and look at each …

Alcohol & Sexual Health »

… feel more confident, others feel more outrageous. People tend to behave differently under the influence of alcohol and can do things that they would not do when sober. People might be more likely to get involved in sexual activity and at times like this it’s easy to forget about practising safer sex, or just not bother with it. Remember that any unprotected sex can carry a risk of pregnancy and/or infections.

It is a great idea to have condoms with you all the time because this …