Painful Sex »

… describe this kind of pain is dyspareunia. It can be caused by quite superficial contact with the genitalia or with deeper penetration. The degree of pain experienced can range from the uncomfortable to the distressing. It can be sufficient to discourage any penetration.

There can be several reasons why pain of any level can occur in relation to sexual activity:

Lack of arousal – resulting in lack of vaginal lubrication i.e. dryness and engorgement of the genitalia. …

Unable to Orgasm (Anorgasmia) »

… hormonal imbalance resulting in a lack of arousal, or insufficient engorgement of the female genitalia in arousal to provide lubrication or increase sensitivity to stimulation. As in men, the equivalent being erection, this may be the result of other conditions such as vascular disease or the impairment of the nervous system for various reasons.

Lack of lubrication and changes to the lining of the vagina can result from the menopause. Psychological factors which prevent the …

Female Genital Mutilation »

… FGM for short) is a general term to describe a range of intentional damage done to healthy female genitalia, and can include circumcision, excision and infibulation.  In females, circumcision may involve removing the head of the clitoris or more extensive damage.

Excision can involve removal of the clitoris, prepuce and labia minora. Infibulation, also known as pharaonic circumcision, is the more drastic procedure.  It may be carried out at any age up until marriage, and can …