Lumps, Swelling or Pain »

… the toilet can cause this. This condition may require an operation to prevent this happening.


A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle. The swelling that is caused by the fluid may be due to infection or an injury. It can also happen in older men for reasons we don’t know.


This is a small lump or cyst, which contains sperm. They usually happen above or behind the testicle and don’t need any treatment unless it becomes painful. …

Testicular Damage (Torsion) »

… out by the doctor. In some cases, the blow can result in fluid building up around the testicle ( hydrocele ), or the testicle twisting ( torsion ).

Torsion usually affects younger boys and requires emergency treatment to help with pain relief and save the testicle. The twisting of the blood vessels, which supply the testicle, causes the pain and this pain develops very quickly. If not treated within six hours the testicle may have to be removed.

Testicular Cancer »

… cancer or who have experienced conditions such as undescended testicle, mumps orchitis or hydrocele.

Self examination is best undertaken regularly – perhaps on the first day of the month, to establish a routine. Some men find examination of their testicles easier than others because some are more sensitive to the touch. The examination is usually recommended while in the bath or shower, when both the man and his testicles are relaxed. Using a soapy thumb and forefinger you should …

Male Self-Examination »

… It may well not be cancer; lumps and swellings can be caused by a number of things. For example: Hydrocele , Epididymitis,Varicocele, Inguinal hernia. An ultrasound scan may be arranged.

It is, however, really important to get checked by a doctor if you feel there is anything you are concerned/worried about.