Boys Puberty Videos »

… learning (IDL) perspective at a range of issues such as wet dreams, journey of the sperm, masturbation and the use of correct terms for parts of the male body.

Shaving – shows in practical terms how a young man may shave and some things he may want to consider.

Washbag – provides details of an active lesson that can be used to look at how boys can prepare for puberty by considering such issues as hygiene and shaving.

Resources – incorporates active …

Chlamydia »

… for vaginal, anal or oral sex, or trying non- penetrative sex like massage or mutual masturbation instead.

You can also now access Chlamydia testing at a number of chemists across Lanarkshire.  To see which chemists are participating go to the Emergency Contraception Section.

NHS Health Scotland have produced an information leaflet on Chlamydia which can be accessed by going to :

Premature Ejaculation »

… is all about gaining some control over the whole process of coming and can be practised during masturbation – having a wank – when there is perhaps less pressure on you. You may not even have to use the squeeze technique at all – it may be enough to stop the stimulation of your penis for a time when you feel close to coming, and then start again when the feeling has gone. This is sometimes known as the “Stop – Start” method.

Do remember that there comes a point in the whole …

Sex and Ageing »

… in any sexual activity at all, at any age, and this is your right. You may simply engage in masturbation or a variety of activities with any number of partners of either sex. Today in our modern society, there is a much more open and relaxed attitude to sex than there has been. You have a greater freedom of choice now than probably at any other time. You have the right to make your own choices. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into giving up an activity that can be enjoyable, …