Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy »

Early Signs and Symptoms

A woman who has a regular monthly menstrual cycle will probably suspect she is pregnant if she misses a period. Other common signs may include:

Sickness/feeling nausea which can happen any time of the day

Breast tenderness/enlargement

Needing to go to the toilet more frequently to pee (urinate)

Increased vaginal discharge without any soreness or irritation

Feeling unusually tired

A strange taste in your mouth …

Menopause »

… may not be experienced in the lead up to, and following the menopause. These can include:

Premenstrual tension may be quite severe or there may be none at all.

Onset and duration of the Period can change on each occasion. Periods may be early or late, may last fewer days than before or more.

An inconsistent period may occur – alternating between heavy Discharge on one occasion and light on another.

Hot flushes may be experienced lasting from seconds to minutes. They may be …

Female Genital Mutilation »

… the vagina is stitched up, leaving a very small opening to allow passage of urine and menstrual discharge. It scars over and is left closed until marriage, at which time it is cut open to allow penetrative sex. This can take months to achieve and can be painful to the woman and man due to scar tissue which has formed.

Mutilation is a culturally acceptable and very common practise in some parts of the world, with rates of 98% in Djibouti, Guinea and Somalia. Rates of up to …