Andropause »

… aches and pains, sweating and flushing. Predisposing factors such as a history of Vasectomy or Mumps have been suggested as possibly leading to an early testosterone deficiency.

Andropause should not be confused with what has been called the ‘male mid-life crisis’ which can occur around 40 years old. This is essentially an emotional reaction to a re-evaluation of personal circumstances which might have social and physical consequences. For an individual experiencing a mid life …

Lumps, Swelling or Pain »

… for swelling or infection in the testicle. It can also be caused by a blow or bump or flowing mumps. It is important that your doctor check this out. This condition can cause infertility.


A hernia happens when a small part of the gut slips through the abdominal wall and into the scrotum. Straining when you go to the toilet can cause this. This condition may require an operation to prevent this happening.


A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the …

Testicular Cancer »

… history of testicular cancer or who have experienced conditions such as undescended testicle, mumps orchitis or hydrocele.

Self examination is best undertaken regularly – perhaps on the first day of the month, to establish a routine. Some men find examination of their testicles easier than others because some are more sensitive to the touch. The examination is usually recommended while in the bath or shower, when both the man and his testicles are relaxed. Using a soapy thumb and …