Unable to Orgasm (Anorgasmia) »

Unlike the great majority of men, women are theoretically capable of experiencing multiple orgasms with sufficient sexual stimulation. However, it has been estimated that only 25% of women experience orgasm with penetrative sex alone, with many others requiring additional clitoral stimulation. As many as 12% never attain orgasm, this being known as anorgasmia.

This does not stop sex from being enjoyable or pleasurable, and lack of orgasm is only a problem if the woman feels …

Delayed Ejaculation »

This is the opposite of premature ejaculation, and is when orgasm and ejaculation takes too long to reach. This can happen occasionally to any man, but when it occurs too frequently then it may be a problem. Remember that you do not need to reach orgasm on every occasion for sexual activity to be fulfilling and pleasant. A sexual partner may also become uncomfortable or experience pain with prolonged thrusting.

What causes delayed ejaculation?

The …

Internal Ejaculation »

Internal ejaculation is also known as retrograde ejaculation. This is when the feeling of orgasm is experienced with sexual activity but no semen comes out of the penis . This should not be confused with anejaculation described above where these sensations are not felt.

What causes internal/retrograde ejaculation?

Basically, semen is diverted into the bladder during ejaculation instead of being expelled through the penis. It is later excreted with the urine. Retrograde …

Unable to Ejaculate »

What is Anejaculation?

This is the experience of not being able to orgasm and ejaculate at all – the word itself means “no ejaculation”.

What causes anejaculation?

Many drugs taken for the treatment of illnesses can interfere with the ability to orgasm or ejaculate. If you are taking drugs of any kind then their side-effects should be considered as a possible cause.

This includes things you might not consider to be drugs, such as alcohol, which …

Young Women »

… half without a fuss!  What with “position of the fortnight” and “how to achieve better orgasm ” articles, it seems there’s a lot of pressure for young women to be having sex.  Having sex is great if you are feeling ready for it.  However, it’s good to talk over what you want from a relationship and if you feel ready to have sex and what you can do to have safer sex.

If you’re seeing someone or thinking about it why not go to one of the services listed here and get …

Sex and Ageing »

… oral stimulation may be needed to attain an erection which itself is not as rigid as before. Orgasm may be less frequent and less intense. Ejaculation may be less forceful. The period of time before another erection is possible – the refractory period – is likely to be longer.

In women, dryness may make penetration or stimulation of the vagina more difficult, more irritating or even painful. This can be easily resolved by the use of a lubricant. Following the menopause, …

Anus and Rectum »

… centring on this part of the anatomy is quite common and it is even possible to experience orgasm following anal penetration. Otherwise, it has been used to enhance orgasm brought on from genital stimulation. Anal sex is surprisingly common among men and women, and is not confined simply to stereotypical “ gay ” sex. One recent survey revealed that anal sex is part of 15% of heterosexual couples sex lives. It is used routinely for the pleasure to be derived from the …