Terrence Higgins Trust launches two new rapid HIV testing clinics in Lanarkshire »

HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland is to expland its network of rapid HIV testing clinics to include two locations in Lanarkshire.

The new sessions will run every Tuesday in Cumbernauld and every Thursday in East Kilbride. 

The Cumbernauld clinic will begin on Tuesday 28th January at Cumbernauld Health Centre, North Carbrain Road and will run from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. 

The East Kilbride clinic will start on Thursday 23rd January in the Murray Owen …


… to your partner.  In women, an untreated infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ). Sometimes there may be no symptoms from this, but you may get an unusual vaginal discharge, a temperature, tummy pain, backache and pain during sex. PID can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancy (where the baby grows inside the fallopian tube). If a baby is born to a mother with chlamydia, the baby may develop eye and lung problems. In men, an untreated infection can spread to the …

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) »

… is pelvic inflammatory disease ?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (Pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID )) is usually the result of infection which moves up into the womb and tubes, from lower down in the female sex organs ( genital tract).

What causes Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) may occur either from bacteria which are already present in the vagina or those which can be passed on during sex, for example chlamydia and gonorrhoea. When …

Painful Sex »

… with conditions which are longer lasting, such as untreated pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ) or Endometriosis.

Pain which only tends to occur during penetrative sex, or is aggravated by this, is experienced by as many as 15% of women. The general term used to describe this kind of pain is dyspareunia. It can be caused by quite superficial contact with the genitalia or with deeper penetration. The degree of pain experienced can range from the uncomfortable to the …

Vaccination and Treatment »

… by one a month later and another at six months. In some circumstances you can receive a rapid course of injections over one month. It is important that you complete the course since you will not have full protection until after the third injection.  Booster doses may be required.

Your doctor may recommend that you have a blood test two to four months after the final injection to determine whether the vaccine has worked. A few people find out at this time that the vaccine has not …

Young Men »

… and talk over things with them.

They won’t be:

Judging you

Thinking that you’re stupid

Thinking you’re a big girl’s blouse

They will be:



Offering you some ideas and choices for you to think about

Really pleased you’ve come in


If you’re worried about having picked up a sexually transmitted infection ( STI ) the Sexual Health and Reproductive Service or Integrated Sexual Health Clinics (formerly Genito-urinary …

Young Women »

… kind of contraception for you.

They won’t be:

Judging you

Thinking that you’re stupid or silly

Thinking you’re “easy”


They will be:



Offering you some ideas and choices for you to think about

Really pleased that you’ve come in


If you’re worried about having picked up a sexually transmitted infection ( STI ) the Sexual Health and Reproductive Service can check it out and treat it for you.  Some women don’t …

Sex and Ageing »

… be a source of discomfort to the older person. Even the terms used in common speech can date rapidly. To overcome this, the use of medical terminology may be easier to use.

Such terms – both common and medical- can be found throughout this site and you might want to become familiar with them.  Alternatively, most libraries now contain books on health which have specific chapters on sexual health. The proper terms can be learned from these. Remember  that your doctor’s main interest …

Lumps, Swelling or Pain »

… who can check why this is happening and make sure more serious conditions are treated early.


The small tubes that attach to the testicles are called the epididymus. Sometimes these become painful or swollen because of an infection, a bump or a blow and this condition is called Epididymitis. In men under 40 years, it is commonly caused by a sexually transmitted infection ( sti ). The condition may also be caused by unprotected anal sex where germs from the gut cause …

Testicular Cancer »

… forefinger you should gently rub over the surface of each testicle, feeling for any lumps.

The epididymus, behind the testicles, may feel lumpy but this is normal. You should also be feeling for a change in firmness. Testicles may be soft or firm, but they should not be hard. You are more familiar with the feel of your testicles than anyone else and will probably be able to detect any changes, if any, far more quickly and easily. Any changes should be reported to your doctor.

Don’t …

Anus and Rectum »

… STIs are chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhoea, pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ) and syphilis. Non-sexually transmitted genital infections include cystitis, thrush and bacterial vaginosis.

Some infections are specific to men and some to women, many others affect both equally. They do not distinguish between the 13 year old and the 30 year old – the same risks apply in undertaking similar sexual activities across the entire age range. This web site includes a guide …

Male Self-Examination »

… between your thumb and fingers.

At the back and top of each ball is a soft tube. This is the epididymis and it’s supposed to be there; it’s the tube that carries sperm from your balls to your penis.

Things to look out for are: any change in size or weight lumps or swellings, particularly on the surface of the balls a dull ache in the scrotum, groin or lower back.

If you do feel anything, see a doctor quickly. You can go to your GP or to a Integrated Sexual Health Clinic …

Domestic Abuse »

… of the abuse, by actually getting them to kick their mother or call her names or say she is stupid or useless. He may also threaten to take the children away or to hurt the kids if she doesn’t do what he says. Children can also be injured, or feel depressed and anxious. They may try to stay home from school to keep an eye on their mother. Children are safest with the non-abusing parent.  Women’s Aid tell us that when children and young people come into refuge with their mother …