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… transmitted genital infections e.g. thrush.

 Vaginismus -this is when the muscles of the pelvic floor go into spasm. This causes pain, both superficially and deep inside.

  Allergic reactions – to the material of some condoms, spermicide or contraceptive creams, and devices used for contraception or sex play.

If sex becomes associated with pain of any degree, then it may recur in anticipation of any sexual activity even when the original cause has been dealt …

Difficulty with Penetration (Vaginismus) »

What is Vaginsimus?

Vaginsimus describes the condition where a woman experiences an involuntary spasm of the pelvic floor muscles, especially affecting the entrance to the vagina . It usually occurs when some form of penetration of the vagina is attempted, and can be so strong as to almost close off the entrance, making penetration painful or even impossible.

It is a surprisingly …