Safer Sex »

We know all the reasons why it’s a good idea to have Safer sex , but how do you do it?

There’s lots of things that you can do to get sexual pleasure with yourself or your partner. You can use your tongue or your mouth or fingers to stimulate you or your partner’s body. And not just sexual parts either. You see, the whole human body has lots of sensitive nerve endings under the skin, and …

Stroke »

The prospect of having a Stroke is quite frightening for many older people but, as with many other serious Illnesses , you must bear in mind that it is not inevitable.

Stroke mostly affects people over the age of 65, with women in this age group more prone to the event than men. There are two main types of Stroke. Ischaemic stroke occurs when a blockage occurs in the blood supply …

Cervical Cancer »

cervical cancer is the second most common cancer found in women, the most common being breast cancer.

Signs/ Symptoms

This usually presents with inter-menstral bleeding, post-coital bleeding, or post-menopausal bleeding. If you have any of these symptoms you must be seen and examined by a doctor. There are many other causes of these symptoms but it is best not to ignore them incase …

Chlamydia »

Where does Chlamydia come from?

It can be easily passed on through Vaginal , Anal and, perhaps, Oral sex . There is no evidence to show that it can be passed on from toilet seats, sharing towels or cups. An infected mother can pass it on to her baby’s eyes and lungs at birth. It can also be spread from Genitals to eyes with your fingers. Using a condom will greatly …

Going on Holiday? »

When on holiday it is important to remember to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections ( STI ) and HIV .  Before you head off on holiday if you need a supply of your regular contraception to take with you then contact your local sexual health clinic on 0300 303 0251 (Line open Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.).  If you are looking for condoms then please use our …

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) »

What is pelvic inflammatory disease ?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (Pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID )) is usually the result of infection which moves up into the womb and tubes, from lower down in the female sex organs ( genital tract).

What causes Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) may occur either from bacteria which are already present in …

Painful Sex »

What are the causes of painful sex ? Pain that has a sudden onset is called acute and can be experienced for many reasons. In women, specifically in relation to the reproductive system, these can include spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), ectopic pregnancy , ovarian cysts or ovarian torsion .

You should go directly to your local Accident & Emergency department if you have …

Unable to Orgasm (Anorgasmia) »

Unlike the great majority of men, women are theoretically capable of experiencing multiple orgasms with sufficient sexual stimulation. However, it has been estimated that only 25% of women experience orgasm with penetrative sex alone, with many others requiring additional clitoral stimulation. As many as 12% never attain orgasm, this being known as anorgasmia.

This does not stop sex …

Bacterial Vaginosis »

What is it?

The normal, healthy vagina contains some “friendly” bacteria. In bacterial vaginosis, these “friendly” bacteria are replaced by different bacteria called ‘anaerobic bacteria’.


Are there any other names for it?

Bacterial vaginosis is also called anaerobic vaginosis, or just BV.

Is it common?

Yes, many women have bacterial vaginosis at some time in …

Excuses/Answers for not using Condoms »

… protect you and me.

What to do if you’ve had unprotected sex

If you have had unprotected penetrative sex or you think that your protection has failed, you can use emergency contraception to prevent you becoming pregnant. Emergency contraception is either: the emergency contraceptive pill (also known as the morning after pill) or the IUD (also known as the coil)

Will it prevent me getting pregnant?

The emergency contraception pill is most effective if taken within 24 hours, …

Condoms! »

… They are like a small sock made out of polyurethane that fits inside a woman’s vagina during penetrative sex. Like condoms they offer protection against pregnancy, STI’s and HIV.   Unlike condoms, you can use oil based lubricants with them because they are much stronger. Some people don’t like to use them because they are a bit awkward to fit and can be a bit noisy. However, like fitting a tampon, it’s a matter of practice and once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy. The …

Am I Ready For Sex? »

Sex can feel really great, especially with someone that you’re really into, but when you start to have sex with other people you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions and for your feelings. 

Penetrative sex between men and women can result in pregnancy and you should be asking yourself if that is something you want or are ready for. Also, for all people having …

Female Genital Mutilation »

What is Female Genital Mutilation ?

Female genital mutilation (known as FGM for short) is a general term to describe a range of intentional damage done to healthy female genitalia , and can include circumcision , excision and infibulation .  In females, circumcision may involve removing the head of the clitoris or more extensive damage.

Excision can involve removal of the …

Anus and Rectum »

… to be derived from the stimulation, as part of sexual experimentation, or where vaginal penetrative sex is unsatisfactory to either partner. It has even been used as an alternative to vaginal sex to prevent conception.

The anus may be stimulated or penetrated by fingers, penis, tongue, sex toy or other means. However, since the anus was not constructed for penetration, but for excretion, this has to be helped by lubrication or damage to the wall or lining may occur. If you …

Physical Disability »

Body image has a strong impact on an individual’s and society’s perceptions of sexual relationships.

Talking about sex /sexuality and people with a physical disability is often seen as inappropriate.

Our society still has a considerable way to move forward for this standard to fade away.

When sexuality and physical disability is discussed, it is often in purely functional terms, …