Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy »

… and Symptoms

A woman who has a regular monthly menstrual cycle will probably suspect she is pregnant if she misses a period. Other common signs may include:

Sickness/feeling nausea which can happen any time of the day

Breast tenderness/enlargement

Needing to go to the toilet more frequently to pee (urinate)

Increased vaginal discharge without any soreness or irritation

Feeling unusually tired

A strange taste in your mouth which some describe as metallic

When …

Safer Sex »

… of Contraception has failed or you have missed a Period, you may be worried that you are Pregnant. It is really important for you to take action immediately to find out what the situation is.

The sooner you know for sure, the more you will be able to take control of the situation and make the right choices for you. Don’t worry if you are under 16, you can still use the services listed here in confidence and you don’t need an appointment for the young peoples clinics you just …

Other Methods of Contraception »

… if you do miss a pill there is clear guidance on what you should do to prevent you becoming pregnant.


This is a pill containing the hormone progestogen only. It is available in different preparations. This method of contraception is suitable for many women and it acts mainly by altering the cervical mucus (the mucus at the neck of the womb) making it more resistant to sperm. There is also an effect on ovulation (releasing an egg) in some cycles. …

Chlamydia »

… it is a good idea to tell the doctor if you are taking the contraceptive pill or if you are pregnant.

What will happen if Chlamydia isn’t treated?

The symptoms may go away after a few days but chlamydia itself will not go without treatment. If you are not treated, you can pass it on to other sexual partners and cause complications for yourself. In women, it can cause painful symptoms, including abdominal pain and may affect your chances of having children in the future. In …

Unplanned Pregnancy »

Pregnant and unsure what to do?

Having an unintended pregnancy can be a frightening time, but there is support available. It is important to ensure you have an accurate pregnancy test- you can get this done through your GP, Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics (formerly Family Planning Clinics), Integrated Sexual Health Clinics (formerly GUM Clinics) or some chemists.

Your …

Emergency Contraception »

… would like to see you in the sexual health service to discuss ongoing contraception. If you are pregnant and have used emergency contraception, it is important that you make contact with a doctor or sexual health clinic so that pregnancy options can be discussed.  If you do become pregnant and have taken emergency contraception, there is no evidence emergency contraception effects a developing pregnancy.

Emergency Contraception and advice is now available free of charge from most …

Syphilis »

… the infected partner has an ulcer (chancre) in their mouth.

Syphilis can be passed on from a pregnant mother to her baby at any stage of the pregnancy . If syphilis is found during pregnancy it can be treated to prevent the infection being transmitted to the baby. Pregnant women are routinely offered syphilis testing along with tests for HIV , Hepatitis B and Rubella.

If I test positive for syphilis, does my partner need to be tested?

Yes, if you test positive, it is …

Cystitis »

… pain you should see a doctor immediately.

Also go to see a doctor if you are or may be pregnant, or if the symptoms don’t go away after 24 hours of treating yourself.

Antibiotics may be required to clear the infection.

How can I avoid cystitis? It’s not always possible to know exactly what causes an attack, but there are certain things you can do to help prevent it. Drink plenty of bland fluid (about 4 pints a day) to keep germs flushed out. Go to the toilet when …

Prevention »

… apply to you. Please use it as a reference.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

In the UK, all pregnant women are tested for hepatitis B and, if they have the virus, their babies are vaccinated soon after birth. This means that it is safe for them to breastfeed their children. However, women with hepatitis B should not donate milk to breast milk banks or breastfeed other people’s children.

Injecting drug use and hepatitis

Even spots of blood too small to be seen by the human …

Women’s Issues »

… Taking therapy during pregnancy is quite a complex area. You should seek advice, if you are Pregnant or want to be, on HIV treatment.  HIV treatment during pregnancy has an important role in preventing transmission to the baby. 

Pregnancy and HIV »

… area so you should speak to your HIV doctor or nurse if you are considering pregnancy. 

All pregnant woman in Scotland are now offered an HIV test routinely to reduce mother to baby transmission of HIV.

Excuses/Answers for not using Condoms »

… emergency contraception.

Emergency contraception can help prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. It comes in two forms, the emergency contraception pill (also known as the morning after pill) and the IUD (also known as the coil). The sooner you access emergency contraception (Levonelle or ELLA1), the more likely it is to work.


I don’t like the feel of condoms – it’s like having sex with your wellies on.


Maybe we need to use lots of lube to make it …

Condoms! »

… is the name for methods that people use so that when they have sex they will not become pregnant eg the pill, the jag, the rod (implant).

Most forms of contraception only prevent pregnancy and do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Most forms of contraception have to be used by women rather than men. This doesn’t mean that guys have no responsibility in protecting against pregnancy.

In order to choose a method that suits you whether or not you are in a …

Sex and Ageing »

… women may even find sex more intense or pleasurable. The lack of anxiety about becoming pregnant may even contribute towards sexual enjoyment.

A few other things can be taken into consideration to improve your sex life in later years.Routine can lead to boredom, which in turn can lead to a lack of arousal. Experimenting may intensify stimulation, and this can be as simple as changing the location in which sex usually takes place. The use of erotic materials or sex toys might …

Ovarian Cancer »

… or breast cancer seem to be more at risk. It also seems to affect more women who have never been pregnant and not used oral contraception.

Preventative action

There is no satisfactory general screening procedure as is routinely available for cervical cancer. However, those women with a family history of the disease might benefit from screening for the gene associated with increased risk. You should bring such a history to the attention of your doctor.

Given that pregnancy, …

Domestic Abuse »

… might have injuries such as broken bones, broken teeth, bruises, cuts, etc.  You might become pregnant when you don’t want to.  You might start drinking, or drink more, or use drugs to ‘escape’ or numb the pain.  These can all potentially cause problems for you in the long run.

Who does it happen to?

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone who has been/is in an intimate relationship - it is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what your culture or …