World Aids Day »

… films aim to give a voice to people living with HIV in Scotland and put a stop to stigma and discrimination. They can be viewed here: hepatitis /your-stories/hiv-stories.html

More information on HIV and AIDS:

Lanarkshire Activities

If you are interested in taking part in activities for 2018 or receiving some free promotional resources, please  contact us  by phoning the Health Improvement Team. …

Safer Sex »

… you pleasure, means that you can communicate this to your partner.

Some couples like to experiment with other things that can give Sensual pleasure such as food being placed on the body and licked off and being tickled or stroked with particular fabrics. Basically anything that you and your partner want to do that doesn’t involve sexual fluids coming into contact with your partner’s sexual parts is safer. You do need to make sure you talk about it and check that it’s what you …

Discrimination »

Sexual discrimination is not the same as harassment, but it is still an important issue in the workplace.

Sometimes it is obvious. If you are treated unfairly in any way because of your gender (and you can show that someone of a different gender would not be treated that way) then this is direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination refers to conditions that are set down for a job that unfairly limit …

C Card Scheme »

… condoms, except Femidoms and Latex-Free.

LAR = Large

Large size condoms.

TRI = Trim

Trim size condoms.

BLK = Black

Black coloured condoms.

LUB = Lubricant


If you are using the C Card for the first time, you can choose a Variety Pack. There are different sizes in the pack, so try them out and find the size that fits you best. Once you’ve decided which condoms from the selection in the Variety Pack suit you best, tick that box the …

Parents »

… think that sexual health and relationships education (SHRE) encourages young people to experiment with sex but research has shown it has quite the opposite effect. Good SHRE can:

Raise the age young people try out sexual activity

Cut the rate of teenage pregnancies

Lower the rate of Sexually Transmitted Infections

How can Speakeasy help?

Will help parents and carers to feel more confident talking to children about relationships, sex, growing up, using words they …

Black & Minority Ethnic sites »

… communities.

Information on UK health issues (plus immigration and discrimination). Languages covered:  Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Gujurati, Portugese, Somali, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu. 020 8741 1879 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

This primarily London-based project offers HIV / AIDs advice. NAZ specialise in South Asian, Middle Eastern, Horn of Africa and Latin American communities. English, Spanish and Portuguese are …

Syphilis »

… Syphilis affects the body in stages, but often you may have no symptoms at all.

Primary stage (10 days – 6 weeks) is usually a small, red ulcer/sore which heals itself after 3-6 weeks. This is called a chancre (pronounced ‘shanker’). There may be one or multiple and they may be painful or painless. You might also notice swollen glands in the area near the sores. If syphilis is not treated it will progress to the second stage.

Secondary stage (1 week – 6 months …

Dysfunction Treatments »

… can be prescribed privately by your GP but you will have to pay for the private prescription.

Uprima (apomorphine) works in a different way from Viagra and produces an erection within half an hour in 50% of cases. It might be considered as an alternative as it can be taken by men on nitrate treatments.

Penile prostheses

These are implants which normally consist of two rods inserted into the shaft of the penis. Options are for a permanent erection or one where the penis can be …

Prevention »

… our appointment line on 0845 618 7191 (Line open Monday to Fridayy 9.00 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.)

GP/Primary Care Services

If you think you have been at risk ask your GP or Practice Nurse about testing for Hepatitis C and other blood borne viruses.  For information on GP services in Lanarkshire go to:

For information on Hepatitis Testing Services in other parts of Scotland go to: …

Prevention »

… B can be contracted if you swallow faeces (poo) from someone with the virus. Therefore, if you rim someone (lick around their anus) or lick a finger that has been inside their rectum, then there is a chance you could contract hepatitis B.

Sex toys, such as dildos or vibrators, could also transmit hepatitis B if they are then inserted into someone else without being properly cleaned.


There are 3 main services that provide testing for Hepatitis and other blood borne …

CD4 Counts »

… go up and down in response to infections, stress, exercise and the time of day, but it is of primary importance in indicating how your health is holding-up under the assault of HIV.

Your CD4 cell count is very important in the decision regarding when HIV treatment should start, with treatment being considered when the CD4 count falls below 350.

Sex and Ageing »

… in later years.Routine can lead to boredom, which in turn can lead to a lack of arousal. Experimenting may intensify stimulation, and this can be as simple as changing the location in which sex usually takes place. The use of erotic materials or sex toys might also introduce an element of novelty and enhance arousal.

Sex requires some expenditure of energy – which can be in shorter supply than when younger. It stands to reason then that activity is likely to be more energetic after …

In The Workplace »

From December 2003, new laws came into place that made it illegal for an employer to discriminate because of an employee’s sexuality (laws already existed in relation to transgendered people).

 As a result of a new European Law against discrimination, the British Government introduced regulations which protect workers against being treated less favorably than their heterosexual colleagues – Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (2003).

The Scottish …

Homophobia »

… people, transgender people can experience ‘transphobia’.  This is known as homophobic crime.

Some police forces are more advanced in their recognition and treatment of homophobic crime.

Police Scotland have set up a reporting scheme where homophobic crime can be reported. Officers are trained to acknowledge homophobic incidents such as  verbal abuse, assault or domestic abuse and deal with these incidents in a sensitive way.

If you are a victim of or witness to a  …

Being Bisexual »

… to be attracted to!

Unfortunately, like gay people, they can experience prejudice and discrimination and not only from heterosexual people but from gay people as well.

It is important to remember that all states of attraction are valid and as a society we should welcome all diversities of attraction equally.

The LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing have launched a helpline which will provide information and emotional support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people …

Injuries »

… medical help called.  An operation may be required.  Remember when trying new positions and experimenting sexually, you are human and accidents happen.


When something is used to stop the flow of blood from an erection, to keep it harder for longer than usual, it must be easy to remove.  If not strangulation may occur causing permanent damage.  Things that can be used, such as leather straps, strings or “cock rings” are tied or fastened around the penis or both …

Female Genital Mutilation »

… It is a particularly brutal and damaging practice often undertaken without anaesthetic, using primitive and unhygienic equipment. It may be carried out by other female family members or a traditional “circumciser” in the community. Afterwards, the vagina is stitched up, leaving a very small opening to allow passage of urine and menstrual discharge. It scars over and is left closed until marriage, at which time it is cut open to allow penetrative sex. This can take months to …

Anus and Rectum »

… It is used routinely for the pleasure to be derived from the stimulation, as part of sexual experimentation, or where vaginal penetrative sex is unsatisfactory to either partner. It has even been used as an alternative to vaginal sex to prevent conception.

The anus may be stimulated or penetrated by fingers, penis, tongue, sex toy or other means. However, since the anus was not constructed for penetration, but for excretion, this has to be helped by lubrication or damage to the …

Domestic Abuse »

… Who can help you?

Domestic Abuse involves a range of behaviours some of which are classed as crimes. However, a lot of women don’t report it because they are not sure, or are afraid the abuser might punish or threaten them for contacting the Police. If you contact the Police, officers will gather evidence and make a report to the Procurator Fiscal at the Court. Dedicated staff from the Police’s Domestic Abuse Unit will contact you to offer help and support. 

If you choose not to …

Rape and Sexual Assault »

… given, then anyone subjecting another person to any form of indecent behaviour is committing a crime.

It is a criminal offence to touch or threaten a person in an indecent way (including groping or unwanted fondling). This is called indecent assault.

The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 was implemented 1st December 2010 and replaced a mixture of common law and statutory provision by putting Scots Law on sexual offences into a single Act.  The Act broadens the definition of rape to …

Prostitution »

… for more information.

Prostitution and the Law

In Scotland, it is a crime for a man or a woman to offer sexual services under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, section 46(1).  Buying sex is also a crime.  A law was passed in Scotland from October 2007, the Prostitution (Public Places) (Scotland) Act 2007, which makes it an offence to loiter in public places with the intent of purchasing sexual services, commonly known as ‘kerb crawling’.  It should …

Physical Disability »

… to this in a sexual way will involve a high degree of personal consideration. This may involve experimentation with a variety of sexual activities or a variety of positions to achieve pleasure and comfort. Some people use sex-toys (vibrators etc.), additional lubricants or concentrate more on non penetrative activities. There are many erogenous and sensitive areas of the body, other than the genitals, and an enjoyable sexual relationship can discover these as well.


An …