Other Methods of Contraception »



This method of contraception requires you to take a pill every day for 3 weeks and then have a week free. These pills contain two hormones oestrogen and progestogen .

The main method of action of these pills is to prevent you releasing an egg. If taken correctly the combined pill has a very low failure rate. Prior to being given a …

Dementia »

Dementia is an illness in which brain cells die more quickly than normal. As the condition progresses, memory loss and confusion increase.

There are likely to be personality changes and, eventually, the affected person will be unable to care for themselves. Dementia is permanent and irreversible.

The two main kinds of dementia are Alzheimer’s Disease and Arteriosclerotic (or …

Infections »

Men and women continue to experience all manner of Infections  throughout their lives which have an impact on their sexual health. Some of these are Sexually Transmitted Infections ( STIs ) and some are not (Non STIs).

Society at large tends to make the assumption that sexuality and associated sexual health is the prerogative of the young. Apart from being mistaken, this presumption …

Discrimination »

Sexual discrimination is not the same as harassment, but it is still an important issue in the workplace.

Sometimes it is obvious. If you are treated unfairly in any way because of your gender (and you can show that someone of a different gender would not be treated that way) then this is direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination refers to conditions that are set down for a job that …

C Card Scheme »

The ‘Free Condoms No Fuss’, C Card Scheme provides condoms and lubricant to anyone living, working or studying in Lanarkshire.

Condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and can also help protect against unintended pregnancy .

Here are some frequently asked questions on what the scheme is about and how to use it.

Where do I get my …


What do the different names mean?

NSU stands for non-specific urethritis. It is also called non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) and non-specific genital infection (NSGI). All the different names mean the same thing. In about half of the cases of NSU/NGU, the infection is caused by a bacteria called chlamydia . If you are confused already – don’t worry, read on and everything will become …

Unplanned Pregnancy »

Pregnant and unsure what to do?

Having an unintended pregnancy can be a frightening time, but there is support available. It is important to ensure you have an accurate pregnancy test- you can get this done through your GP, Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics (formerly Family Planning Clinics) , Integrated Sexual Health Clinics (formerly GUM Clinics) or some chemists.

Your …

Sexual Harassment »

Any unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature can be classed as sexual harassment.

Many people spend a significant part of their lives in the workplace. Sexual relationships between work colleagues are very common, and all the information about sexual health in other sections of this website clearly apply here too. However, it is also common in the workplace, as …

Dysfunction Treatments »

How can erectile dysfunction be treated?

There is a wide range of effective treatments now available, each with advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered by the individual with medical advice. They include:

Change of drug usage

Where a prescription medication has been identified as a possible cause, then a change to an alternative might be an option to try. This must be …

Delayed Ejaculation »

This is the opposite of premature ejaculation, and is when orgasm and ejaculation takes too long to reach. This can happen occasionally to any man, but when it occurs too frequently then it may be a problem. Remember that you do not need to reach orgasm on every occasion for sexual activity to be fulfilling and pleasant. A sexual partner may also become uncomfortable or experience pain with …

Scabies »

What is scabies?

Scabies is caused by a mite which is a small insect.

How can scabies be passed on?

Scabies can affect any part of the skin and is passed on by skin to skin contact. It is commonly found on the hands, wrists, elbows, armpits and genital area. Mites burrow into the skin where they lay eggs. The offspring from these mites crawl out onto the skin and make new burrows.

Thrush »

What is it?

Thrush is a yeast infection that normally affects women and appears in the vagina . There are other kinds of thrush that can affect the throat, but these are less common.

Are there any other names for it?

Thrush is also called candidiasis.

Is it common?

Yes, lots of women have thrush at some time in their life.

What causes it?

It is caused by a yeast called …

The HIV Test »

Having an HIV Antibody Test

If you are thinking of having the test, or if you are advised that you need to take the test for health reasons, you will be given the opportunity to speak to a trained staff member prior to and after you take the test.

This gives you the chance to talk about why you want to take the test and the feelings you might have when you receive your result, …

Sex and Ageing »

It is a well known saying that the young think they invented sex .

The trouble is, they also think they have a monopoly on all of the action too. They find it almost inconceivable, and even distasteful, that anyone over the age of 30 still has an active sex life, let alone one that may be better than theirs! Unfortunately, the television and glossy magazines encourage this opinion by only …

Same Sex Partnerships »

From December 2005, same sex couples in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, have been able to register a civil partnership. This gives the couple the same legal rights and obligations as marriage.

For more information please visit: www.civilpartners.org …

Being Gay or Lesbian »

People who are gay or lesbian are attracted to people the same sex as themselves

Gay men are attracted to other men

Lesbians or ‘gay women’  are attracted to other women

Society seems to expect people to be heterosexual despite the fact that statistically 5-10 people in 100 will be gay, lesbian or bisexual . That means there are possibly half a million gay, lesbian …

Being Aware of Your Sexuality »

… , who are sometimes attracted to people of the same sex , or perhaps just one person of the same sex.

Whatever you choose to call yourself all these feelings are normal and healthy. It’s worth mentioning that these feelings sometimes change at different times in your life. Some people don’t realise they are gay, lesbian or bisexual until they are much older. Others know from a very young age.

For people who are not sure about their sexual attraction, it can feel really …

Prostate Cancer »

The Prostate

Only men have a prostate gland. It is located just below the bladder , and is closely associated with sexual function since it produces a component of semen . It encircles the urethra , the tube through which both semen and urine pass to leave the body and it is this which can give rise to a number of problems in later years. Few things go wrong with the prostate, but those …

Anus and Rectum »

The anus leads to the sphincter (bum-hole) – the tight circle of muscle that contracts and loosens to allow the passage of faeces (poo) out of the body. The rectum is that part of the alimentary tract that leads to the anus. Both the anus and rectum can become involved in  penetrative  sexual activity.

For many people the anus and surrounding area are very sensitive and are sexually …

Male Self-Examination »

Knowing our own bodies, being familiar with how they look and how they feel, is a key factor in maintaining good general and sexual health. It is important to be aware of any changes in our bodies that may signal the beginning of an unwelcome condition.

With many conditions that we regard as serious, any unpleasant effects can be minimised if the conditions are identified early. This also …

Domestic Abuse »

… mostly women who are abused by a male partner or ex-partner, but it can happen to men or in same sex relationships too. The Scottish Government estimates that 1 in 4 women will experience abuse at some time in their lives.  


Children get affected by domestic abuse too – they hear and see it, and sometimes try to intervene to stop the abuse. Some abusers use the children as part of the abuse, by actually getting them to kick their mother or call her names or say she is stupid …

Hearing Impairment »

It is important to remember that the world around us is set up for hearing people. It is easy to take for granted all the unconscious information that is received and processed through hearing.

It is also easy to take for granted how people access information, services and support; all by communicating with spoken language.

Although many of the sexual health issues faced by people who are …

Learning About Sex »

The development of sexuality and emergence of our sexual selves is something that happens to everybody. Some people wrongly regard disabled people as not developing sexually in the same way as non-disabled people.

It is true that Puberty may begin a little later, or that some disabilities can affect sexual performance, but disability does not prevent sexual maturity, or remove sexual …

Learning Disability »

In many areas of life, learning-disabled people are provided with much more independence and recognition than in the past.  However society is not very aware that learning-disabled people have rights when it comes to pursuing sexual relationships.

It is essential to recognise and acknowledge that learning-disabled people also experience the same needs, feelings and desires associated with …

Physical Disability »

Body image has a strong impact on an individual’s and society’s perceptions of sexual relationships.

Talking about sex /sexuality and people with a physical disability is often seen as inappropriate.

Our society still has a considerable way to move forward for this standard to fade away.

When sexuality and physical disability is discussed, it is often in purely functional terms, …

Disability Rights »

Disabled people have the same right (as non-disabled people) to be treated as equal individuals in all areas of life. This includes the acceptance of their sexuality, their right to acknowledge and develop their sexual being; and acceptance as a sexual being in the wider community of disabled and non-disabled people.

Every person has the right to express his or her sexuality. This includes …

Illicit Drugs »

Illicit (or “recreational”) drugs include cannabis, speed, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD / acid, magic mushrooms, poppers and ketamine, to name a few.  

All these drugs change the way you feel in some way.

Sharing Drug-Using Equipment

Injecting drugs of any kind with shared needles, syringes and other equipment carries a high risk of contracting a number of serious infections …

Health Advice »

If you decide to use drugs socially, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

Be aware that different drugs affect people differently due to what they have eaten that day, how they are feeling, what they have taken, the amount taken, if they are on any other medication, and where they are.

Always try to have other people with you; avoid being on your own.

Be extra prepared, and aware …