Body Image »

The society we live in today is heavily influenced by the idea of an ‘ideal’ body image. The media, fashion magazines, celebrities, popular music and films all surround us with examples of ‘beautiful people’ and images that are unrealistic and unattainable for most of us. These images teach us to be conscious of our body size, shape, weight and physical attributes. There is a great deal …

Being Gay or Lesbian »

… and have children to cover up that they are gay.

Gay people can grow up with a sense of low self esteem and low expectations of what they are entitled to. The good news is that society is starting to change and be more welcoming of people who are gay and lesbian. For example, gay couples can enter into a civil partnership, which entitles them to  almost the same rights as a married couple.

Many people who do come out report a great sense of relief and a feeling of how great it is to …

Emotional Wellbeing »

Emotional health has many aspects. Put simply, it is based on self-esteem, how you feel about yourself and behaviour that is appropriate and healthy.

The key to a happy and healthy life

Someone who is emotionally healthy:

Understands and adapts to change

Copes with stress

Has a positive self-concept

Has the ability to love and care for others

Can act independently to meet …

Disability Rights »

Disabled people have the same right (as non-disabled people) to be treated as equal individuals in all areas of life. This includes the acceptance of their sexuality, their right to acknowledge and develop their sexual being; and acceptance as a sexual being in the wider community of disabled and non-disabled people.

Every person has the right to express his or her sexuality. This includes …