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… otherwise  the problem might develop again.


Certain drugs, when injected into the shaft of the penis, allow blood to enter and within about 10 minutes cause an erection which can last for an hour. This method can be used up to three times a week. The needles used are very fine and the process is not as painful as it may sound. Any mild pain is short-lived. This method has a high success rate, better than with oral medication, and is suitable for most individuals. Any …

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… on the penis, as this tends to encourage blood flow toward the body. Squeezing the tip or shaft of the penis too tightly may also reduce its ability to become hard. While oral and manual stimulation are an effective means of attaining erection for most men, it does not work for everyone.

Reducing Stress

The most important aspect in combating impotence is to ensure that the man is comfortable. The pressure to perform can be the cause of impotence. If the man feels that he is …

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… Warning signs may include a growth or ulceration on the head of the penis, the foreskin or the shaft, which does not go away even after treatments for sexually transmitted infections . It is very important to report these to your doctor as the sooner action is taken, the less damage will result to the penis and the greater is the chance of long term survival.