Cervical Cancer »

… Preventative action

The early signs of cervical cancer can be detected with a cervical smear test, and the cancer can then be completely eliminated. The most important thing to do is to speak with your doctor about the necessity of arranging regular cervical smear testing, and ALWAYS keep your appointments. 25% of women who develop cervical cancer die – there is no need for this to happen to you.

It is recommended that cervical smears are carried out from age 20 and should …

Chlamydia »

Where does Chlamydia come from?

It can be easily passed on through Vaginal , Anal and, perhaps, Oral sex . There is no evidence to show that it can be passed on from toilet seats, sharing towels or cups. An infected mother can pass it on to her baby’s eyes and lungs at birth. It can also be spread from Genitals to eyes with your fingers. Using a condom will greatly …


What do the different names mean?

NSU stands for non-specific urethritis. It is also called non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) and non-specific genital infection (NSGI). All the different names mean the same thing. In about half of the cases of NSU/NGU, the infection is caused by a bacteria called chlamydia . If you are confused already – don’t worry, read on and everything will become …

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… into cervical cancer. It is possible to detect cellular abnormalities in the cervix by regular smear tests.

Taking therapy during pregnancy is quite a complex area. You should seek advice, if you are Pregnant or want to be, on HIV treatment.  HIV treatment during pregnancy has an important role in preventing transmission to the baby. 

Uterine / Endometrial Cancer »

… cancer, there is no regular screening for uterine cancer in all women. Although, an abnormal smear test for cervical cancer may provide some indication of a problem. Given the cancer’s association with increased exposure to oestrogen, the use of oral contraception is felt to be protective against this cancer.

It is also recommended that post-menopausal women who have not had their uterus removed should only use combined HRT. Three monthly progestogen bleeds may also be induced …