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… These include: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, kidney failure, spina bifida, polio and spinal cord injury. It can be prescribed privately by your GP but you will have to pay for the private prescription.

Uprima (apomorphine) works in a different way from Viagra and produces an erection within half an hour in 50% of cases. It might be considered as an alternative as it can be taken by men on nitrate treatments.

Penile prostheses

These are implants …

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… ejaculation would seem to be common following prostate surgery, but it can also be caused by spina bifida, diabetes, spinal injury, neurological disease or various drugs used in the treatment of depression or high blood pressure. It affects 5% to 15% of young people who undergo bladder neck surgery. A condition known as reversible retrograde ejaculation occurs in 5% of men taking drugs known as alpha-blockers which are drugs used to reduce bladder pressure.

How can …