Female Genital Mutilation »

… to protect the child. This is likely to involve referral to Social Work Services who have a statutory duty to intervene.

If you have undergone this practice and wish to have it reversed then your doctor will arrange the specialist care that this needs. Remember, it is not illegal to have this done and your doctor will be more than happy to assist in its reversal.

If you feel you need to protect someone from this being done to them, including yourself, you can speak to your doctor, …

Rape and Sexual Assault »

… (Scotland) Act 2009 was implemented 1st December 2010 and replaced a mixture of common law and statutory provision by putting Scots Law on sexual offences into a single Act.  The Act broadens the definition of rape to include anal and oral rape of women and men, as well as vaginal rape.  Rape is defined as penetration of someone’s vagina, anus or mouth (to however small an extent) by a penis without consent or reasonable belief in consent.  The Act defines consent as free …

Prostitution »

… identify the population, addresses their health and social needs in partnership with a range of statutory and voluntary services.  Contact Julian Heng.  Email julian.heng@nhs.net Web site: www.openroadproject.com

Lanarkshire Rape Crisis http://www.lanrcc.org.uk/  

Rape Crisis Scotland http://www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk/  

EVA Services, based in NHS Lanarkshire (offers services to women living in Lanarkshire) Ask a health professional to contact us on your behalf.  …