Hepatitis A Information »

… infection can be caused by hand to mouth contact of something that has been contaminated by the stools (poo) of someone with hepatitis A. This could be food or water or by putting the hands in the mouth. This is different from Hepatitis B or C which are blood borne viruses.

Almost everyone recovers fully from hepatitis A with a lifelong immunity. A very small proportion of people infected with hepatitis A could develop serious complications.

A safe and effective vaccine is …

Cervical Cancer »

… wrong. In more advanced cancer there may be pelvic pain, back pain, pain while passing urine/ stools or having sex. These last symptoms can be found as the result of other non-cancerous conditions, so don’t jump to the worst conclusion, if you are experiencing these pains make an appointment to get checked over.

Contributory factors

There is evidence to suggest that the earlier penetrative sexual activity starts the greater the risk of developing cervical cancer. The more …

Anus and Rectum »

… an infection.

Anal fissure

This can occur naturally from the passage of large or hard stools which can cut and tear the anus. The symptoms are pain and bleeding. This should go away after several hours, but may recur at the next bowel movement. Stool softeners may be used as a temporary measure to allow normal healing.

If the condition is persistent then your doctor may consider surgery to loosen the anal sphincter. This condition can also result from forceful or energetic …