Stress Control Classes in Lanarkshire »

Stress Control classes which help us develop skills and techniques to manage common issues caused by modern day living such as stress, anxiety or low confidence, which can affect well-being are available across Lanarkshire.

The classes are delivered in local community facilities and consist of 6 sessions lasting 90 minutes each.  Some of the issues covered during the sessions are: …

Dementia »

… in sexual activity, perhaps as a result of a loss of Inhibition generally, this can be distressing for a partner. The new level of interest may now exceed that of the partner, who may feel unable or unwilling to match it. These are issues which can be found in other relationships which do not involve dementia, and may to some extent be dealt with in the same way. Nobody should feel obliged to engage in any activity which they do not wish to.

There are difficult decisions to be made …

Herpes »

… on genital area, tight clothing or nylon underwear, and often just being generally run down or stressed. Sometimes people need tablets to prevent them getting frequent attacks but this is something which should be discussed with the doctor at the sexual health clinic.

How is herpes passed on?

The herpes virus can be passed on by contact with the affected area. This can happen during sex or oral sex. Many cases of genital herpes are also caused by the oral herpes virus ( type 1), …

Sexual Harassment »

… to achieve.

Effect of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It causes distress and illness. It affects both women and men. It is also unlawful; and employers have a responsibility to prevent and deal with it. Employers should also be aware of the possible damage to the effectiveness and reputation of their business.

Sexual harassment can take many different forms including:

sexual demands or requests for sexual favours (from members of the same or a …

I have cold sores »

… in the form of one of these sores. It can be triggered if someone is feeling run down or under stress . The virus that causes cold sores can be passed on even when no sore is visible.

There is another type of herpes that particularly affects the genitals (see sexually-transmitted infections – genital herpes). It is possible, though unusual, for the two types to cross over during an attack if unprotected oral sex takes place.

Painful Sex »

… deeper penetration. The degree of pain experienced can range from the uncomfortable to the distressing. It can be sufficient to discourage any penetration.

There can be several reasons why pain of any level can occur in relation to sexual activity:

Lack of arousal – resulting in lack of vaginal lubrication i.e. dryness and engorgement of the genitalia.

Skin conditions - including thinning of the skin after the menopause.

Endometriosis – this usually causes …

Can’t Get / Keep an Erection »

… cause is if a “morning erection” is still experienced. Feelings like fear, anger, distress and anxiety cause part of the nervous system to come into play which directly blocks the action of another part of the system involved in creating an erection. This is a natural reaction – our ancestors would find it more difficult to run from a predator with an erection in the way!

It is necessary to identify the causes of worry and try to remove these. They could include concern …

Unable to Ejaculate »

… extreme form of retarded (delayed) ejaculation.

Psychological problems such as anxiety and distress, may be a cause. Your views on sex and the sexual activities you take part in may conflict and result in anejaculation.

There can also be physical reasons why you are unable to ejaculate and all of these need medical investigation for you to be sure.  These reasons can include physical problems with the production, storage or expulsion of semen.

How can anejaculation be treated? …

CD4 Counts »

… by means of a simple blood test. The count can go up and down in response to infections, stress, exercise and the time of day, but it is of primary importance in indicating how your health is holding-up under the assault of HIV.

Your CD4 cell count is very important in the decision regarding when HIV treatment should start, with treatment being considered when the CD4 count falls below 350.

Heart Disease »

… to be caused by a combination of several factors which include poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, smoking and obesity. Prevention should involve an examination of these in your current lifestyle.

With atherosclerosis (sometimes called arteriosclerosis) the arteries carrying the body’s blood supply are “furred up” by deposits which results in hardening and narrowing of the arteries. One effect of this can be when the arteries become too narrow and constrict blood flow …

Sex and Ageing »

… an effective means of attaining erection for most men, it does not work for everyone.

Reducing Stress

The most important aspect in combating impotence is to ensure that the man is comfortable. The pressure to perform can be the cause of impotence. If the man feels that he is under a lot of stress, he may have difficulty achieving an erection. If the man feels relaxed then he will become erect more easily.

The language used to talk about sex has become more open, but this may still …

Emotional Wellbeing »

… life

Someone who is emotionally healthy:

Understands and adapts to change

Copes with stress

Has a positive self-concept

Has the ability to love and care for others

Can act independently to meet his or her own needs

Everyone, including people who are emotionally healthy, can have problems. Emotionally healthy people are able to adjust to and solve problems, and in doing so, they help others as well as themselves to get satisfaction out of life.

Emotional wellbeing in …

Learning Disability »

… difficulties. Sexual development and the management of feelings that come along with it can be stressful for anyone. If no help is given to understand what is happening, physically and emotionally, then this stress is greatly increased. In addition to this, if the only messages that are given consist of phrases like “don’t do that, it’s bad” or “don’t touch yourself there”, then further confusion and frustration can build up. We should all be given the opportunity to learn …

Poppers »

… speed, cocaine or crystal meth all put a strain on the heart. Taking them with poppers may  stress it even more.  Poppers should not be used by anyone with chest or heart problems, anemia or glaucoma.

While there is no evidence to demonstrate the long term effects of using poppers, it is thought that prolonged use can cause intense headaches, sores around the mouth and nose and compulsive dependency.

When using poppers during anal sex they make the blood vessels inside a man’s …