Hepatitis A Information »

… of people infected with hepatitis A could develop serious complications.

A safe and effective vaccine is available to prevent hepatitis A.

Safe water supply, food safety, improved sanitation, hand washing and the hepatitis A vaccine are the most effective ways to combat the disease.

Further information

Hepatitis A information at the NHS Inform website

Hand hygiene information from the Scottish National Hand Hygiene Campaign

What is Hepatitis B? »

… major infectious occupational hazard of health workers, so most of them have received hepatitis B vaccine. There is a high prevalence of hepatitis B among gay men, so the hepatitis B vaccine is usually made available to them from a sexual health centre. You cannot contract hepatitis B from contaminated food or water and it cannot be spread casually in the workplace. If you are a health care worker with hepatitis B, you must discuss this with your occupational health department.

Vaccination and Treatment »

… infection that they did not know about. This can be checked by a blood test.

Hepatitis B vaccine

To have full protection from hepatitis B you need three or four  separate doses of the vaccine. A nurse will probably give you the injection into a muscle in your arm. The first injection is usually followed by one a month later and another at six months. In some circumstances you can receive a rapid course of injections over one month. It is important that you complete the course …