Alcohol & Sexual Health

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug. It is legal and freely available to people over 18. However we need to be realistic and admit that many young people under the age of 18 also use alcohol.    

Using alcohol makes people relaxed and lowers their inhibitions. Some people feel more confident, others feel more outrageous. People tend to behave differently under the influence of alcohol and can do things that they would not do when sober. People might be more likely to get involved in sexual activity and at times like this it’s easy to forget about practising safer sex, or just not bother with it. Remember that any unprotected sex can carry a risk of pregnancy and/or infections.

It is a great idea to have condoms with you all the time because this means they are available when you might need them. Try to stay aware of your sexual health even when you’re drunk. You can still do what you like, and keep safe.

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