‘Always Hear’ – Scotland Wide HIV Awareness Campaign

How does it feel to live with HIV in Scotland? The only way most of us can begin to understand is through listening to people who live with it every day.

Launched on World AIDS Day (Saturday 1st December) is ‘Always Hear’ Waverley Care’s new HIV awareness campaign. The campaign gives a voice to people living with HIV in Scotland using four films to capture the experiences of four people who are HIV positive. They are true stories, told by the people themselves.

Supporting the films are HIV information sheets covering HIV Basics, HIV Statistics, HIV Stigma and HIV Myths. More detailed resources are also available for schools and churches. The school and youth group resources are linked to Curriculum for Excellence and produced in association with Education Scotland.

‘Always Hear’ aims to get the truth and information out there about HIV in Scotland; to make everyone aware of HIV and put a stop to stigma and discrimination.

Visit www.HIValwayshear.org to view the films and download the resources.

Funded by The Scottish Government.

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