C Card Scheme

The ‘Free Condoms No Fuss’, C Card Scheme provides condoms and lubricant to anyone living, working or studying in Lanarkshire.

Condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and can also help protect against unintended pregnancy.

Here are some frequently asked questions on what the scheme is about and how to use it.

Where do I get my C Card from?

You can pick up a C Card and leaflet from over 100 health centres, GP practices and pharmacies. Look for the sign – Free Condoms, No Fuss Available Here.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a C Card, you can still ask for condoms in any of the C Card centres.

Find a C Card centre on our SH Services site (LanSH). There’s no need for you to be registered as a patient with any of these centres and there’s no need to give your name. Just make sure you take a note of the days and times the C Card centres are open as you may not be able to get condoms outwith these times.

What do I do with my C Card?

Your C Card will give you the choices of condoms (see guide below) available and will explain what these choices mean.

This is what your C Card will look like:

Front of Card Back of Card

On the back of the C Card, tick the box next to the condoms you’d like and you’re ready to take your card to a C Card centre.

Here are the choices:

EXT = Extra Can be used for anal or vaginal sex. Supplied with lubricant.
FLA = Flavoured Can be used for oral sex. To use on a female, carefully cut a new condom into a square.
SEN = Sensitive A thin, extra-fine condom.
NAT = Natural For vaginal, anal or oral sex.
LAT = Latex-free For people with an allergy to latex or rubber.
FEM = Femidom These go inside a woman’s vagina. They are also suitable if you have an allergy to latex or rubber.
VAR = Variety A selection of condoms, except Femidoms and Latex-Free.
LAR = Large Large size condoms.
TRI = Trim Trim size condoms.
BLK = Black Black coloured condoms.
LUB = Lubricant Lubricant.

If you are using the C Card for the first time, you can choose a Variety Pack. There are different sizes in the pack, so try them out and find the size that fits you best. Once you’ve decided which condoms from the selection in the Variety Pack suit you best, tick that box the next time you use the C Card scheme (you get a new C Card in each bag of condoms you receive).

How do I use the C Card scheme?

There’s no need to join the scheme. Here’s a quick guide as to what to do once you’ve chosen your C Card centre.

  • Look for the ‘Free Condoms No Fuss’ poster telling you which reception desk to go to within your chosen C Card centre.
  • Hand your C Card over to the receptionist or ask to use the scheme if you don’t have a C Card. The receptionist will check your choice of condoms or ask if you know which condoms you would like.
  • You will be handed your choice of condoms in a discreet white bag and given your C Card back.
  • Sometimes the condoms you want may be out of stock. If this happens, ask when a new supply will be coming in or where to find another C Card centre. You can also ask for a different type of condom.

It’s as easy as that! Free Condoms No Fuss.

Protecting yourself and others

The C Card Scheme is based on respecting and protecting yourself and others.

All staff who deliver the C Card Scheme have received training and have guidelines to work with. Users of the scheme will be treated in confidence and with respect and we expect staff to be treated with the same respect.

Staff who deliver the C Card scheme have the right to refuse condoms to anyone who acts in an aggressive or direspectful way.

The following video shows how to use a condom properly (on a demonstration model – thanks to NHS Highland for this link).

For further information on the C Card scheme and to find out where your nearest C Card centre is, please call the Blood Borne Virus and Sexual Health Promotion Team on 01698 377623.

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