Delayed Ejaculation

This is the opposite of premature ejaculation, and is when orgasm and ejaculation takes too long to reach. This can happen occasionally to any man, but when it occurs too frequently then it may be a problem. Remember that you do not need to reach orgasm on every occasion for sexual activity to be fulfilling and pleasant. A sexual partner may also become uncomfortable or experience pain with prolonged thrusting.

What causes delayed ejaculation?
The causes of delayed ejaculation include the use of prescription drugs like anti-depressants or non-prescription drugs like alcohol. A good indicator that psychological factors are a cause is that the man is able to masturbate to orgasm without the same difficulty being found.

How can delayed ejaculation be treated?
If drugs are the cause then a change of medication under the guidance of your doctor may resolve the difficulty. The use of non-prescription and/or recreational drugs should be taken into account. Where psychological factors seem to be playing a role, then counselling may prove useful to deal with these. If the condition continues, or while you are working towards a remedy, then you may wish to work out some compromise with sexual partners such as bringing your partner to orgasm first and then you masturbate to orgasm.

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