Sexual discrimination is not the same as harassment, but it is still an important issue in the workplace.

Sometimes it is obvious. If you are treated unfairly in any way because of your gender (and you can show that someone of a different gender would not be treated that way) then this is direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination refers to conditions that are set down for a job that unfairly limit the chances of particular genders.

Equality laws clearly state that opportunities should be made equally available to both men and women (and indeed people from all ethnic backgrounds, and disabled people). There are some exceptions to this rule including acting, modelling, single-sex services (like a women’s refuge) and jobs that might involve physical or close contact (like some sports). The Employment Equalities (Sexual Orientation) Regulations Act of 2003 protects lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and heterosexuals from Discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Advice and further information

Commission for Equality & Human Rights – 0141 248 5833 or www.equalityhumanrights.com
Citizens’ Advice Scotland – www.cas.org.uk
Scottish Law Centres – www.govanlc.com/salc.htm

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