Health Advice

If you decide to use drugs socially, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

Be aware that different drugs affect people differently due to what they have eaten that day, how they are feeling, what they have taken, the amount taken, if they are on any other medication, and where they are.

Always try to have other people with you; avoid being on your own.

Be extra prepared, and aware that the drugs might make you less able to make an informed decision. Try and be aware of where your friends are, and always watch your drinks – it is very easy to slip something into a glass or bottle.

Try to make sure you alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or a soft drink – this allows you to pace yourself and have a better night.

If you decide to have some kind of sex, using condoms properly gives you one less thing to regret.  Remember that the person you want to have sex with might not be feeling the same way. Be prepared to communicate and don’t be upset if you get a knock-back.

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