Homophobia is contempt for LGBT people or behaviour based on these feelings.

Unfortunately anger, abuse and violence in various forms are still directed at lesbian, gay and bisexual people, transgender people can experience ‘transphobia’.  This is known as homophobic crime.

Some police forces are more advanced in their recognition and treatment of homophobic crime.

Police Scotland have set up a reporting scheme where homophobic crime can be reported. Officers are trained to acknowledge homophobic incidents such as  verbal abuse, assault or domestic abuse and deal with these incidents in a sensitive way.

If you are a victim of or witness to a  crime against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people you can call ‘Third Party Reporting’.

‘Third Party Reporting’ is a confidential project set up to make it easier to report homophobic crimes against LGBT people.

Callers can decide if they want the police to act on the information or just use it to increase awareness of the number of hate crimes taking place. Callers need not identify themselves.

Contact numbers

Telephone for support and advice:

Gay Men’s Health – 0141 552 0112
Steve Retson Project – 0141 211 8628
Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland – 0141 332 3838
Victim Support – 0141 553 2415

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