How do I talk to my partner?

Some people find it hard to talk about Sex, or Safer sex and Condoms. It’s important to choose a time when you and your partner are both relaxed. Remember, it’s very difficult to talk about safer sex when you are drunk, tired or already in the mood.

Be honest about what you want, and talk about how you can stay sexy and healthy. See the safer sex section of this website.

If someone in a relationship discovers that they have a sexually-transmitted infection (STI), it can sometimes be the cause of tension and arguments, and questions of where it came from. Remember that many STIs do not show themselves immediately, and may have even been picked up some years before. Therefore if someone is in a relationship and a sexually-transmitted infection shows up, it does not automatically mean that either partner has been unfaithful.

If you discover that you have an infection that could be sexually-transmitted, it is important that your partner is checked out as well. If they are infected they could re-infect you at a later stage. A health advisor at the sexual health clinic can give you advice on how to talk to your partner. You can visit your local sexual health clinic together if you like. The staff there are friendly and experienced, and the service is completely confidential. See directory of services.

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