I feel different

Sexual feelings and sexual development are extremely complex and individual. Everybody’s experience is different, and sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones to be going through a particular situation.
Very often the society around us creates an impression that things should happen and people should behave in a particular way. There might be pressure to be “normal” – whatever that means. If someone has sexual feelings that seem to be different from this “norm”, this can be confusing and even isolating.

There is nothing wrong with having different sexual feelings. This is natural and healthy. Everybody experiences a lot of different feelings, and these can continue to change throughout our lives. And lots of other people will be having these feelings too. It’s not always easy to talk about, but it is important to get the kind of support that works for you, and helps to make sense of the feelings you are having.

The sexuality section of this website has some good information about feeling “different”.

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