I have an itch

As well as being uncomfortable at the time, it is true that an itch can be an indication that something around that area is not quite right. However, it does not necessarily mean it is something serious, or anything to worry unduly about.
There are many different things that can cause some irritation to the skin. Allergies and reactions can come about from things like washing powder or soap, from certain materials in clothes, even from things we eat. In cases like these it is easy to solve the problem without any medical attention. There are also causes, however, that might need to be seen by a doctor. Again it may not be anything to worry about: dermatitis (a general name for skin conditions) is very common and might be cleared up very easily. Other causes could be scabies, a tiny skin mite (see scabies), or pubic lice (see sexually-transmitted infections – pubic lice).

If the itch is caused by an infection (sexually-transmitted or otherwise) it is important to talk to a doctor about it, so that it can be treated quickly. You could go to see your GP or contact your local sexual health service (see directory of services).

Personal hygiene plays an important part in the condition of our skin. Washing daily and paying particular attention to areas where bacteria can gather will help avoid itches occurring.

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