If the Test is Positive

If the test is positive it means that the antibodies to HIV have been found in your blood and you are infected with HIV. Every positive result is then sent to a special lab for a double check of the result. 

A second blood sample will also be sent just to be absolutely sure . People infected with HIV are said to be HIV positive.

Telling people I’m HIV positive.
If someone is HIV positive, that information is personal to them. It should be up to them who and when they tell about it. It can often be difficult for someone with HIV to tell others that they are HIV positive. Many people with HIV have developed their own individual ways of making these choices.

There are several things to think about before going ahead with disclosure of HIV status. People with HIV can choose to tell someone they are HIV positive, but they can’t take that knowledge back from them. It’s important to think carefully about the reasons for wanting to disclose HIV status. The idea of being completely open with someone, especially if they are close, can be very appealing. Doing this without thinking through expectations, their reactions and the possible consequences is something that some people have come to regret.

You can discuss this issue further with your doctor or nurse specialist.  Sexual contacts who are at risk of potentially having acquired infection from you are a particular concern.  The nurse specialist or health adviser will discuss with you the best way to approach this issue.

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