In The Workplace

From December 2003, new laws came into place that made it illegal for an employer to discriminate because of an employee’s sexuality (laws already existed in relation to transgendered people).

 As a result of a new European Law against discrimination, the British Government introduced regulations which protect workers against being treated less favorably than their heterosexual colleagues – Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (2003).

The Scottish Executives Initiative Workplace Equal Rights aims to tackle racism and promote equal opportunities in the workplace.  It aims to do this by providing accessible information and advice regarding rights in the workplace in relation to sexual orientation, race, age, disability, gender and religion.

In April 2007, the ‘Gender Equality Duty’ came into  force and all public authorities must demonstrate that they are promoting equality for women and men and that they are eliminating sexual discrimination and harassment.

On 5th April 2011 the public sector equality duty (the equality duty) came into force in England, Scotland and Wales.  This duty replaced the existing race, disability and gender equality duties.

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