Accidents happen to even the most delicate areas, these include: -

Cuts & Tears

Trouser zips can cause these.  If the injury is small it will usually heal by itself.  Larger cuts may need some medical attention.  Injuries can occur when people are being sexually adventurous.  Read on!

Penile Fracture  

The penis can break if it is bent too far, and a crack may be heard if this happens.  You will feel pain and will probably bleed from the tip of the penis.  An ice pack should be applied and emergency medical help called.  An operation may be required.  Remember when trying new positions and experimenting sexually, you are human and accidents happen.


When something is used to stop the flow of blood from an erection, to keep it harder for longer than usual, it must be easy to remove.  If not strangulation may occur causing permanent damage.  Things that can be used, such as leather straps, strings or “cock rings” are tied or fastened around the penis or both the penis and scrotum together.  Emergency medical help will be required to release the blood and stop further injury.

Urethral damage

Body piercing the urethra or inserting objects into it may result in infection, as this is a sterile area of your body.  There is also damage of objects becoming stuck or moving and causing damage and problems.

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