Internal Ejaculation

Internal ejaculation is also known as retrograde ejaculation. This is when the feeling of orgasm is experienced with sexual activity but no semen comes out of the penis . This should not be confused with anejaculation described above where these sensations are not felt.

What causes internal/retrograde ejaculation?
Basically, semen is diverted into the bladder during ejaculation instead of being expelled through the penis. It is later excreted with the urine. Retrograde ejaculation would seem to be common following prostate surgery, but it can also be caused by spina bifida, diabetes, spinal injury, neurological disease or various drugs used in the treatment of depression or high blood pressure. It affects 5% to 15% of young people who undergo bladder neck surgery. A condition known as reversible retrograde ejaculation occurs in 5% of men taking drugs known as alpha-blockers which are drugs used to reduce bladder pressure.

How can internal/retrograde ejaculation be treated?
Reversible retrograde ejaculation may be resolved by the use of prescribed medication. Otherwise, the causes of retrograde ejaculation may be more difficult to treat. Consultation with your doctor is necessary to try to find out the specific cause of your own difficulty and what action might be possible. Left untreated, retrograde ejaculation can result in infertility.

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