It hurts when I pee

Sometimes people experience a ‘stinging’ sensation when passing water because of a change in their urine. Some people talk about a burning sensation, others about pain. If it is caused by some kind of infection, then it will probably need to be treated to clear it up.

There are a number of Infections that can cause discomfort when passing urine. Some are sexually-transmitted infections: for example Chlamydia, NSU or gonnorhoea. Some are not sexually-transmitted: for example cystitis, or other urinary infections. It is possible to treat most infections quickly and easily, especially if they are identified early on.

If you are concerned about anything, you could have a full sexual health check at your local Integrated Sexual Health Clinic (please see Services section of site for a list of clinics). If you see any blood in your urine then you really should see a doctor immediately.

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