Testing Week Scotland 11-17 September 2017


  • Find the test that’s right for you
  • Gay and bisexual men having regular sex should get tested every 3 months
  • If you have ever injected drugs (including performance or image enhancing drugs) you may have been at risk of hepatitis C


  • Once you know about an infection, treatment means you can do something about it
  • Today in Scotland a person living with HIV can live a long, healthy life, hepatitis C can be cured, and effective treatments are also available for a whole range of STIs


  • Staying on top of your sexual health means you can be confident about sex
  • Condoms and lube can protect you from the majority of sexually transmitted infections and PrEP is now available to people at greatest risk of HIV
  • If you are injecting drugs, it’s important to use a new set of equipment each time you inject

You can find out more from www.KnowYourRisk.scot

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