Lumps, Swelling or Pain

There may be different reasons why men and boys experience lumps, swelling or pain around the testicles. These symptoms should be reported to your doctor who can check why this is happening and make sure more serious conditions are treated early.


The small tubes that attach to the testicles are called the epididymus. Sometimes these become painful or swollen because of an infection, a bump or a blow and this condition is called Epididymitis. In men under 40 years, it is commonly caused by a sexually transmitted infection (sti). The condition may also be caused by unprotected anal sex where germs from the gut cause infection. safer sex/using condoms can stop this.


This is the medical term for swelling or infection in the testicle. It can also be caused by a blow or bump or flowing mumps. It is important that your doctor check this out. This condition can cause infertility.


A hernia happens when a small part of the gut slips through the abdominal wall and into the scrotum. Straining when you go to the toilet can cause this. This condition may require an operation to prevent this happening.


A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle. The swelling that is caused by the fluid may be due to infection or an injury. It can also happen in older men for reasons we don’t know.


This is a small lump or cyst, which contains sperm. They usually happen above or behind the testicle and don’t need any treatment unless it becomes painful.


A varicocele is where the veins above or behind the testicle, which take the blood away from the area, become bigger. This can cause an aching pain in the scrotum, which may get better when you lie down, as this helps the blood to drain away from the testicle. This condition can cause infertility.

‘Blue Balls’

This isn’t a serious condition and your testicles don’t turn blue! If the penis is stimulated for long periods of time without ejaculation then you may experience an ache, caused by the congestion of blood to the genital area. This disappears shortly after ejaculation.

Important note: Lumps, pain or swelling around the testicles or scrotum area are not normal and you should get them checked by your own doctor or attend a Sexual Health Clinic, where an experienced doctor can tell you what has caused the problem and treat it effectively and quickly. (see under Male Self Examination)

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