Many parents and carers feel uncomfortable or unsure about talking with their children about relationships and sex. But there is support available for discussing sex and relationships with your family.

Speakeasy – courses for Parents and Carers in Lanarkshire

Speakeasy is a fun and relaxed course that helps parents and carers build on what they already know about relationships and sex . It offers the opportunity to learn together using their own experiences. Courses are delivered by skilled trainers in small and friendly groups.

  • Everyone is welcome to join in – mum, dad or anyone who is caring for a child
  • Everyone gets involved – talking, listening and sharing ideas and information
  • The sessions are fun and varied to give the opportunity to learn in many different ways
  • Courses can be adapted to suit the needs of different groups, including those whose first language isn’t English.

Why is it important to talk to children about relationships and sex?

Lots of people think that sexual health and relationships education (SHRE) encourages young people to experiment with sex but research has shown it has quite the opposite effect. Good SHRE can:

How can Speakeasy help?

  • Will help parents and carers to feel more confident talking to children about relationships, sex, growing up, using words they understand and are comfortable using
  • Will encourage an understanding of the way children pick up messages about sex from the media, their friends and the world around them
  • Will help parents and carers to brush up on what they already know about the puberty associated physical and emotional changes that children experience
  • Will give information about contraception
  • Will explore what children are being taught in school on this topic
  • Will help parents and carers to support their children and keep them safe

The Speakeasy Course is accredited. This means that parents and carers who choose this can gain an award which could help them go onto further education or employment. There is no exam and all the work is done during the course. There is also the opportunity for parents to train as a peer educator. Participants are welcome whether they go for accreditation or not.

If you are interested in taking part in a Speakeasy Course in your local area or would like further information please contact :  Kelly McLean, Health Improvement Senior, NHS Lanarkshire on : Telephone:  01698 242649 Email: or Lorna Shearer, Health Improvement Senior, NHS Lanarkshire on : Telephone: 01355 597462 Email:

Further information can be obtained from :

Healthy Reading Collection in all Public Libraries across North and South Lanarkshire

A small collection of books on growing up and puberty have been incorporated into the ‘Healthy Reading Collection’ of all public libraries across North and South Lanarkshire.

These books are to support parents and carers to speak to children and young people in their care about growing up and puberty.

Talk 2

The Talk 2 website, below, should give you some useful tips on how to respond to those awkward questions that children often ask!

Sex education shouldn’t be a one-off talk but a gradual process of communication, starting when a child is small and continuing until they are adults. If your children grow up knowing that you are comfortable talking about sex and relationships it is likely that they will come to you for support when they need it.

The Talk 2 website has pages about all age groups from toddlers to teenagers. The Talk 2 initiative covers the Glasgow City Council/NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. – supporting parents to talk to their children about growing up, relationships and sexual health.

Parents Enquiry Scotland

Parents Enquiry Scotland is a voluntary organisation offering helplines run by a group of parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children (LGBT).  They provide help, information and support for parents and families of lgbt children.

Lothian:          Anne 0131 556 6047
Strathclyde    Pat 0141 427 3897

Lines are open 9.00am to 10.00pm or you can e-mail:-

Further Information

NHS Health Scotland have produced some information booklets on ‘How to talk to your child’ and ‘How to talk to your teenager’ about sexual health and relationships to view either of these booklets please go to the following links: – How to talk to your child – How to talk to your teenager


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