Boys Puberty Videos

Traditionally much puberty material both focuses on, and engages, young females more than young males and this is our attempt to redress that balance. We hope you find these video clips useful as you deliver lessons around the subject of puberty and growing up. If you have any comments on them, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

Content is split into five sections:

Introductory video – sets the scene for the clips that follow and suggests these are used with P7 boys.

Boys’ Bits – looks from an inter disciplinary learning (IDL) perspective at a range of issues such as wet dreams, journey of the sperm, masturbation and the use of correct terms for parts of the male body.

Shaving – shows in practical terms how a young man may shave and some things he may want to consider.

Washbag – provides details of an active lesson that can be used to look at how boys can prepare for puberty by considering such issues as hygiene and shaving.

Resources – incorporates active learning ideas for class delivery and shows some of the resources which are available to borrow, for free, from the Health Improvement Library at Law House in Carluke or from bases across South Lanarkshire. It is hoped that this will be extended into North Lanarkshire in the near future.