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Can’t Get / Keep an Erection »

What is Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is the term now normally used to describe the condition known as impotence. The word impotent suggests being weak or inadequate, which is how men may feel when they experience the condition. Use of the new term emphasises that it is a medical problem – not a personal failure.

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Dysfunction Treatments »

How can erectile dysfunction be treated?
There is a wide range of effective treatments now available, each with advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered by the individual with medical advice. They include:

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Sustained Erection »

What is Priapism?
Normally, following ejaculation (coming), the penis loses its rigidity and returns to a flaccid (soft) state. When an erection lasts for a prolonged period of time – 3 to 4 hours – this condition is known as priapism and can become very painful. It results from the inability of the additional blood required for acquiring an erection to leave the penis when no longer needed.

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