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Visual Impairment »

Blindness or visual impairments do not have a direct effect on sexual development, or an individual’s wish to pursue their sexual experiences.  What may be necessary is additional support to access relevant and appropriate information, education and services.

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Hearing Impairment »

It is important to remember that the world around us is set up for hearing people. It is easy to take for granted all the unconscious information that is received and processed through hearing.
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Learning About Sex »

The development of sexuality and emergence of our sexual selves is something that happens to everybody. Some people wrongly regard disabled people as not developing sexually in the same way as non-disabled people.

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Learning Disability »

In many areas of life, learning-disabled people are provided with much more independence and recognition than in the past.  However society is not very aware that learning-disabled people have rights when it comes to pursuing sexual relationships.
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Physical Disability »

Body image has a strong impact on an individual’s and society’s perceptions of sexual relationships.

Talking about sex/sexuality and people with a physical disability is often seen as inappropriate.

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Disability Rights »

Disabled people have the same right (as non-disabled people) to be treated as equal individuals in all areas of life. This includes the acceptance of their sexuality, their right to acknowledge and develop their sexual being; and acceptance as a sexual being in the wider community of disabled and non-disabled people.

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