Something’s not right

If we feel something might be wrong, it is a common reaction to try to ignore it and hope that it goes away by itself.

Many of us do not react very well to the possibility of having an infection, and sometimes it can be embarrassing to admit to anyone that everything is not fine.

At times like this it can be reassuring to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about, and who you can talk to in confidence. The staff at your local Integrated Sexual Health Clinic are welcoming and experienced. They are used to seeing people in a wide range of situations, and they won’t judge you.

Your body is quite good at giving signs that things might not be quite right. The best thing to do if you think something might be wrong is to go and speak to a professional about it.

Although the body is quite effective at healing itself, many Infections can cause more serious consequences if they are left to develop. In particular, if you have picked up a sexually-transmitted infection, you should see someone about it sooner rather than later. Nearly all infections can be treated, and in every case, treatment is much easier and more effective the earlier the infection can be identified. If left untreated, many infections will spread and cause other complications. Also, until it is completely cleared, a sexually-transmitted infection can be passed on to any sexual partners.

This website gives information about several sexually-transmitted infections, as well as non sexually-transmitted Genital infections. It also gives details of Integrated Sexual Health Clinics in the services section.

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