Text Service for Hearing Impaired

Making an Appointment:

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and would like to make an appointment to access sexual health services, via text:

-         Please text message on 07826 874190

-        You will then receive a text back confirming your request

-        A nurse will be in touch with you by text

-        To discuss which type of appointment you require

-        You will be asked if you require a BSL interpreter at the appointment.


At the Clinic:

-        Check in with reception staff (you can show text confirmation) 

-        They will advise the clinical staff that you have arrived and

-        You will be approached by a member of clinical staff and taken into the clinical room for your appointment.

Supporting Information:

There is a wealth of information around sexual health and relationships available on the Lanarkshire Sexual Health Website (www.lanarkshiresexualhealth.org).   There are also a number of agencies that can offer information and advice on a range of issues for you if you are deaf or hard of hearing to help you access healthcare services:

British Deaf Association: www.bda.org.uk

The National Deaf Children’s Society – www.ndcs.org.uk/mylifemyhealth information to help young people access healthcare services

Action on Hearing Loss – www.actiononhearingloss.co.uk – provide support for people with hearing loss

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