Unable to Ejaculate

What is Anejaculation?
This is the experience of not being able to orgasm and ejaculate at all – the word itself means “no ejaculation”.

What causes anejaculation?
Many drugs taken for the treatment of illnesses can interfere with the ability to orgasm or ejaculate. If you are taking drugs of any kind then their side-effects should be considered as a possible cause.

This includes things you might not consider to be drugs, such as alcohol, which is well known for its adverse effects on sexual capability. Anejaculation may be an extreme form of retarded (delayed) ejaculation.

Psychological problems such as anxiety and distress, may be a cause. Your views on sex and the sexual activities you take part in may conflict and result in anejaculation.

There can also be physical reasons why you are unable to ejaculate and all of these need medical investigation for you to be sure.  These reasons can include physical problems with the production, storage or expulsion of semen.

How can anejaculation be treated?
Treatment can be as easy as changing to a different type of medication after consultation with your doctor.  You may want to reduce or stop drinking, or taking other non-prescription drugs.

If you are experiencing psychological problems which you are unable to deal with yourself, then you can also seek advice from your doctor.

When the cause of anejaculation is due to a physical problem then you will have to consult with your doctor to find out exactly what is happening and what action can be taken.

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